Out at the Fair—New Mexico State Fair

Villa Hispana Stage, NM State Fair, 300 San Pedro Dr NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108

We are excited to announce that Out at the Fair is coming back to the New Mexico State Fair as an official fair event! That means 1 full day at the Villa Hispana stage packed with entertainment, activities, prizes and more for the whole family! Stay tune for more information coming soon. Stop by the OATF Booth for a free rainbow flag. (while supplies last)

Entertainment Line Up: Villa Hispana Stage Emcee: "Gay Uncles" Pauly & Monks (10am-3:30pm) OATF Kid Games in front of the stage during breaks. 12pm-5pm Emcee: Alexander Rodriguez "Glitterbomb - LATV" 4pm-8pm 10:30AM - "Welcome" OATF 11:00AM - Blame It On Rebekkah 12:00PM - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 12:30PM - Sheldon Casavant - Magician 2:00PM - Girlboy 3:30PM - Dj dirty KURTY 5:00PM - Glam Gals Show featuring Glam Guys - ERICA FOXXX, Kevi Kev, CeCe Knight Jones, Vilette Stratton, Trey C. Michaels 6:30PM - GROUP PHOTO #OATF18 - in front of the stage 7:00PM - David Hernandez 8:00PM - Thank You!

Website: www.OutattheFair.com